Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

I was minding my own business over the weekend, reading the Denver Post while nursing a lovely cup of coffee, when I saw a blurb about prisoners in the Philippines doing the Thriller dance. Now, trust me when I say I had every intention of letting the Michael Jackson news fade away from Beckyland.

Alas, I was lying to myself. In my defense, I didn’t know that Filipino prisoners — and so many others — have created YouTube videos of the Thriller dance.

Take a look at these.

Filipino Prisoners Thriller … The only scary thing about this is the guy in drag playing the girl from the video.

Sobe Lizards Thriller …

Wedding Party Thriller …you wouldn’t believe how bridal parties choreograph the Thriller dance! Almost makes me want to get married again.

Bollywood Thriller … what they lack in expertise, they make up for in speed

And it wouldn’t be BeckyLand if I didn’t have a Marching Band Thriller … always funny to see a marching band dance! Thrilling even! Skip ahead about 40 seconds or so.

World Record Thriller … that’s a lot of college zombies

Toddler Thriller … if she had a little bit of gray hair, I’d swear it was me dancing.

Marine Thriller … truly secure in his manly military bearing.

Star Wars Thriller … sorry – I can’t stop!

Thriller Hungary … I think they wanted to show off their costumes for a bit because it doesn’t actually start till about 1:40

Flash Mob Thriller … two of my favorite things


0 thoughts on “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

  1. Jessie

    I haven’t even seen it yet and Star Wars Thriller is absolutely first. Then the Sobe Lizards, because I remember when that was a Superbowl commercial.

  2. Nini

    haha my favorite was the first one with the prisoners in the Philippines. They were very well coordinated! The Hungarian dance was cool too because there was kids in there too. If I saw some random people at a bus stop starting to dance, I would jump right in there with them!

  3. Mary

    I’ve always loved the one from the Philippines. I have to say, at the very beginning that little girl looks like she’s doing what’s known to my young nieces and nephews as “the potty dance”. 😉

    1. beckycc

      Jessie … I will admit to including the Star Wars Thriller just for you. You geek.

      Nini … I noticed the kids in the Hungarian Thriller too. Makes me wonder what they thought about the whole experience. And the prisoners should be well done … after all, what else do they have to do all day?

      Mary … I toggle between the Thriller dance and the Potty dance all day, every day.

      Donna … I do have some flash mobs on here ….

      If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d totally join the flash mob network, or answer their Bat Signal, or whatever they do to go dance at bus stops and have pillow fights in Nordstroms and other fun stuff.


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