Lazy Squirrel Designs

Funny is as funny wears! Lazy Squirrel Designs are made exclusively from words plucked out of the air and strung together in an amusing manner by me. Many of these pithy bon mots started out in one of my books.

The cool thing about a Zazzle store is that all of my Lazy Squirrel Designs can be customized. If you don’t like the way I positioned or sized it on your product, you can change it to suit your whimsy. If you don’t want the design on a t-shirt, you can also get it on a mug, apron, dog shirt, baby onesie …. whatever your little heart desires.

Here’s one of my designs in the store, as you would see it …

1Click that blue ‘customize’ button and the design is highlighted …

2Use the tools to move the design or change the size, as I’ve done here.


If you’ve lived a righteous life, you can even add your own text to many of the designs. It’s magic! If you want to add something to the back, for instance, just click the small picture of the back of the shirt and then click the ‘add text’ button…


Voila! There’s your new shirt.

Don’t want it in white? No problem. I make all my designs in both black and white. That way, you can place a black design on any light-colored shirt your heart desires, or a white design on any dark shirt.

There are shirts and products in all price ranges, styles and colors. Here’s another of my designs to show you how to choose the perfect color and style. I’ve circled the shirt shown in red at the bottom. You can see the bar of colors it comes in. None of those strike your fancy?

colors1Then click another style.

colors2If none of those four styles tickle your fancy, there’s a little blue button underneath that says “see all styles” …

see all stylesClick it and you can scroll through all 126 styles of women’s shirts. If you can’t find a style and color you like there, well, you must be a nudist.

126 women's shirtsIf you see the design you want but not on the product you want, just give me a holler and I’ll see what I can do. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. And I’m always happy.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything now, set up a Zazzle account to get discount codes and to receive alerts when Lazy Squirrel Designs and your other favorite stores post new products.

stores I likeYou may have guessed by now that this is a ridiculous amount of fun for me. I hope you find something fun at Lazy Squirrel Designs too!