• How To Lose Weight And Get Healthy Even If You’re Lazy

How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy Even If You’re LazyDiet advice has been around for so long, I bet they’ve found cave paintings showing proper portion sizes when eating a whooly mammoth. Trust me when I tell you there is not a lot of new weight loss info out there.

The information doesn’t change, but we do. We’re all in different places in our weight loss journey and education. “How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy Even If You’re Lazy” offers 115 ideas you may not have heard before, or that you may see in a new light now that you’re further along in your journey. Of course, if you already know and practice common-sense ideas and your weight is under control, then this probably isn’t the book for you which absolutely delights me. I’m all about celebrating success!

But for me, and maybe you, it’s taken many years of hearing the same advice before I was ready to take action on it. And once I put simple (and sometimes obvious) lifestyle changes into practice, I got healthier and lost weight.

That’s why I know you can too.

Just pick a few tips at a time to incorporate into your life. Start to make those steady, incremental steps toward good health that you can live with happily ever after. If you start today, imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

“There are no magic bullets here, no gimmicks, no easy ways out, but there are a whole bunch of simple, straight-forward ideas and tips that will stay with you long after you read this book.”

“I found that I was actually doing most of the things Becky suggests and living a healthier life without the suffering that usually accompanies a diet. A great gift to myself.”

“I recommend this to everyone. I have done every yo-yo diet there is. I believe I can lose weight now.”

“I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is even a bit on the lazy side OR just wants some extra tips on how to lose weight and get healthy. Great book!”

“Simple, funny, all the things a person needs to do if you’re serious about losing weight.”

“I don’t like counting calories, fat grams, points, whatever. This book has good advice and great tips to help lose weight, get healthy and not have to spend so much time thinking about it.”


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