• Just Desserts Cookbook

Just Desserts cover

Delicious and decadent — but still ridiculously low calorie — dessert recipes. Favorites like Cheesecake Brownies (93 calories), Gingerbread Drops (45 calories), Clafoutis (102 calories), Doughnuts (104 calories), Guinness Ice Cream (108 calories), and Lemon Bites (54 calories). There’s no need to give up sweet treats when trying to lose weight — you just need better recipes!

Note — all of these dessert recipes are in the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Complete Cookbook.


“I really enjoyed reading these recipes. Many of them can probably be made with ingredients you already have in your cabinets. I can’t wait to make the fudge.”

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth – it’s my biggest weakness. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves cooking or just loves desserts.”


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