• Reading Maniac — Fun Ways to Encourage Reading Success

Reading Maniac cover

This is a handbook for parents to help new or reluctant readers get better at reading so they’ll enjoy it more. Before I wrote for a living, I presented this information in workshop form and have collected some nice testimonials over the years. It’s based on things I did with my own kids (one of whom is on the cover) in conjunction with advice an ideas from educators.

Everything was very informative. All the game ideas sound interesting.”

“To the point … organized … good ideas.”

“All the information is easy to implement.”

“Offered many varied ideas and approaches. Gives hope to parents.”

“Great concrete examples. Your ideas were exactly what I needed.”

“Lots of good real-life strategies.”

“This easy-to-read book has a lot to say concerning ways to help your kid learn to read. There are many suggestions for fun games that can help your child acquire reading skills, and things you can do to facilitate learning.”


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