The Little Mermaid’s voice — first in 1837 then again in 1989 then AGAIN in 2007

Roald Amundsen — lost over the Arctic searching for missing explorer, 1928

Amelia Earhart — pilot, lost over the Pacific, 1937

Glenn Miller — big-band leader, lost without a trace over the English Channel, 1944

Michael Rockefeller — heir to family fortune, lost in Papua New Guinea, 1961

Harold Holt — Australian Prime Minister, presumed drowned, 1967

DB Cooper — parachuted from a hijacked plane with $200,000 ransom, 1971

$200,000 ransom — somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, 1971

Hale Boggs — American politician, disappeared over Alaska, 1973

Vicki Lawrence’s career — immediately after the lights went out in Georgia, 1973

John Stonehouse — British politician who faked his own death, 1974

Jimmy Hoffa — union leader, 1975

My ability to learn French — probably never actually had it; confirmed 9th grade, 1976

Clingy, needy high school boyfriend —soon after I left for college, 1980

All my modesty — slowly ebbed away during my first pregnancy, 1987

Investments— pfft between House and Senate votes during Wall Street Bailout, 2008

What has disappeared in your life?

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