The Little Mermaid’s voice ”” first in 1837 then again in 1989 then AGAIN in 2007

Roald Amundsen ”” lost over the Arctic searching for missing explorer, 1928

Amelia Earhart ”” pilot, lost over the Pacific, 1937

Glenn Miller ”” big-band leader, lost without a trace over the English Channel, 1944

Michael Rockefeller ”” heir to family fortune, lost in Papua New Guinea, 1961

Harold Holt ”” Australian Prime Minister, presumed drowned, 1967

DB Cooper ”” parachuted from a hijacked plane with $200,000 ransom, 1971

$200,000 ransom ”” somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, 1971

Hale Boggs ”” American politician, disappeared over Alaska, 1973

Vicki Lawrence’s career ”” immediately after the lights went out in Georgia, 1973

John Stonehouse ”” British politician who faked his own death, 1974

Jimmy Hoffa ”” union leader, 1975

My ability to learn French ”” probably never actually had it; confirmed 9th grade, 1976

Clingy, needy high school boyfriend ””soon after I left for college, 1980

All my modesty ”” slowly ebbed away during my first pregnancy, 1987

Investments”” pfft between House and Senate votes during Wall Street Bailout, 2008

What has disappeared in your life?

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