15 Things

1. I think having 15 of anything is too many. Except dollars. And Skittles. Taste the rainbow.

2. I love Skittles almost as much as I love dollars.

3. I bought REALLY cheap soap for my shower. It doesn’t lather which makes me wonder if I’m the teensiest bit stinky all the time. Or is lather simply a myth perpetrated upon us by Big Cosmetics. (Similar to Big Oil, but smells more like lilac or citrus.)

4. I have an inappropriate crush on Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer from Green Day.

5. I get this weird, wiry hair growing out of my ear that I have to pluck every so often. I fear I’m gradually turning into my grandfather, but not in any of the good ways.

6. I don’t have a smidge of modesty remaining since the birth of my children and more often than not, give virtual strangers way too much information. (See numbers 1-5 and 7-15.)

7. My feelings get hurt when people don’t subscribe to my blog or leave comments. I know that makes me seem needy and way too tender-hearted for the bunny-eat-bunny life of a children’s writer, but there it is.

8. I cry at every marching band competition I see. All those fresh-faced, optimistic, talented hard-workers ….. sniffle, sniff.

9. I’m secretly wearing my daughter’s wool socks and she doesn’t know … Dammit!

10. I worry about kids who don’t suck all the juice from every appropriate experience that comes their way, whether it’s education, friends, activities or volunteering in the world. I’m afraid they don’t always realize when they slam metaphorical doors that can never be opened again.

11. I wish my superpower could be invisibility. So rude, yet so satisfying.

12. I firmly believe if you don’t know any marching band or theatre kids, your life is incomplete and hopelessly boring.

13. I’ve realized I eat too much and hate to exercise. You’re invited to watch me get fat. It will be gradual, though, because I shun many foods that are unhealthy. Not all of them, mind you, and the whole ”˜portion control’ theory is completely lost on me. Plus, I loves me my beer.

14. I’m fairly certain I have one of the most unphotogenic faces in history. In my defense, it’s because I’m very animated, which is good in real life, but not so much for photos. If I wasn’t so darned vain I’d post a couple to prove it. Instead, here’s one that won’t scare young children or clergy. It took an excruciatingly long time to capture, so I’ll be using it for the next 87 years. It was the genesis of my new obsession with neck wrinkles.

15. People have every right to laugh at the fact I wake up, take off my jammies to shower, then put them right back on afterward. And I have every right to respond, “Pfftt.”

Tell me 15 things about you? 10? 5? How ’bout one REALLY nifty one? Please?! Make a dame with neck wrinkles happy.

0 thoughts on “15 Things

  1. michael joseph

    all librarians are listmakers and I am a librarian

    I have a mania for collecting clarinet music; sometimes I order cds of clarinet music and never open them

    The idea of having invisibility as a superpower frightens me: what if you lose your power while you’re invisible? What if you lose the will to re-turn?

    I am lazy and go around compensating for it by telling people I’m tired or stressed.

    I think I am the most envious person in the world. No field is too bizarre or humdrum for me not to envy people who achieve success in it. “Failure as a salesman of modern siding? I can fail better!”

  2. beckycc

    LOL, Michael!

    Are you envious of my poky ear hair? Are you envious that I’m not worried about getting a superpower? Are you envious that my list is longer than yours?

    Your clarinet music mania would be just about perfect if you tell me you have no idea how to play the clarinet, nor do you own a clarinet, nor have you ever seen a clarinet, nor do you own a CD player. But it begs the question, how many CDs of clarinet music are produced in a fiscal year?


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