0 thoughts on “Page 56 Game

  1. Bonny Anderson

    This is so fun! Ok, here’s the fifth sentence of the 56th page:

    “Apon and Lydia are three billion years gone, the gunslinger told them; they have become Old Star and Old Mother, the north and south, each pining for the other but both now too proud to beg for reconciliation . . . and Cassiopeia sits off to the side in her chair, rocking and laughing at them both.”

  2. Wes

    “Given that, we have to think about raising taxes or cutting spending or finding some ‘not too cold, not too hot’ combination platter”

  3. Vicki Rubin

    After tolerating his self-importance and dictatorial attitude all evening, I’d be content to fade away with my belly full and with Eric unable to contact me again.

  4. J.T. Evans

    “Then, the onload() event fires on the body tag, which calls the drawgraph() function.” — PHP Hacks

    Yeah, it’s a technical book, but it was the closest at the moment.

  5. Vicki Clark

    Very cool idea. (that’s from me, not a book). Well, it’s probably in a book somewhere…you know what I mean.

  6. Olgy

    “Well, you wouldn’t, unless what you found there was better than the alternatives, and our eleven-year-old found Harry Potter more fun, more exciting, more suspenseful than all the alternatives open to him.” –from “The Invisible Child” by Katherine Patterson

  7. beckycc

    D’oh. Forgot to post mine!

    Jordan whispered in her ear, his breath hot and foul, “You remember our secret game, Angel?”

  8. Jeff Cornwell

    I totally would have, but it was Volume II of A History of England and it started on page 409 about the Glorious Revolution. That’s not a quote from a book. Ok. Just clearing that up.

  9. Mary

    Napoleon appeared to change countenance, and sharply ordered Boxer to let the dog go, whereat Boxer lifted his hoof, and the dog slunk away, bruised and howling.

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