Less Obvious Blessings

Acknowledging that we’re all thankful for family, friends, and good health … I’m curious about other things on your Gratitude List.

Like, what’s the one invention you’re thankful for? If you had to lose all other conveniences or discoveries, which ONE invention would they have to rip (figuratively or metaphorically) from your cold, dead hands? Please show your work.

For me? As much as I loves me my computer, my air conditioner and my coffee maker, I think I’d have to say I’m thankful for the printing press. It performs double duty in my life. It provides my living AND much of my entertainment.

And you?

0 thoughts on “Less Obvious Blessings

  1. Cheryl & Marissa

    Hey, great turkey, games and company yesterday. Thanks.
    We’re thankful for electricity since we use it to power so many items on a daily basis.

  2. beckycc

    That’s a good one. A short camping trip is all the reminder I need to renew my love affair with electricity. Especially because my hair looks dopey if I don’t turn a hair dryer on it for a minute or so. And, really, who wants a dopey looking blogger?!

  3. Mary

    Having been in places where it isn’t available…clean, hot water from a tap. I know it’s basic, but ever since I’ve experienced and witnessed life without it, I feel a rush of gratitude whenever I get into a shower. I wish everyone in the world could have access to clean water.

  4. Lana

    Ok, as a camper, water definitely wins. Electricity is a nicety that I depend on but might be able to do without, except that it brings me things I truly love and need: music … then movies, then tv. I love to be entertained. As an introvert I live inside my mind so alter worlds are fascinating to me. Cool song playing right now … the funeral by band of horses. I am always thankful for music.


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