So Many Beckys

I was reminded of my friend and funnyman George Waters when I googled myself recently. He’s an award-winning newspaper humorist who wrote, among other things, a funny column about contacting other folks named George Waters.

I check periodically to see what comes up when Becky Clark is googled. You never know what’s going on out there in cyberland, after all.

15,200 hits of Becky Clarks. It boggles the mind. But taking a page from George’s book, I didn’t just skim for me, me, me this time.

Let me first say I was disappointed that I didn’t even come up first. Apparently, real estate agents are more popular than children’s authors. Or maybe Georgia is more popular than Colorado. Either way, it stings.

Oooh, this is exciting … I’m Berkshire Blog by Karen Christensen’s favorite author! She says, “Here’s that photo of Becky and me, standing in front of the (little) basketball hoop that’s going in the playroom …”

Bummer. Not me.

I’m also a musician with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads AND more!

I’m two different photographers … Becky Clark Photography and Becky Clark Photography of Columbus, GA.

I’m a top executive.

I’m a journalist at The Clare Sentinel.

And a free speech advocate. Oh, wait. That really IS me!

But the thing I’m most proud of is how I’ve excelled in the world of sports … in softball, in soccer and in track and field.

I’m “crazy_blondie11” and “acceptable_InThe80s” and I go around saying things like, “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?” … and … “Rage were actually beyond amazing, totally nearly cried. Mon the Rage!”

I don’t recall this, but Becky Clark has had a love of horses for as long as she can remember. She finally convinced her parents to let her take riding lessons at age 11.

My memory is that I had an irrational fear of horses. But that was after I got between a stampeding herd and their dinner bell.

I’m a Miami beach personal chef.

I’m an Appellant which works out fine because I’m also Los Angeles lawyer Becky Clark.

And I’ve got international flair. Becky Clark ”” Blogues, Fotos e muito mais no WordPress! Infelizmente, aqui não temos nenhum post com aquela tag. Você pode visitar um dos sites abaixo.

That one’s gotta be me. I have a blogue and some fotos on WordPress, after all.

So who are YOU?!

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  1. Jessie

    There are 524,000 Jessica Cornwells out there. I go to Stanford. There’s a video of me riding Steppin’ Melody at the 2008 Quarter Horse Congress freestyle. I am a business executive. I live in Australia. I write for the Pacific Magazine (oh my gosh that really is me!).

    But I’m going to take a page from Lucy Van Pelt’s book and say, Of all the Jessica Cornwells in the world, I’m the Jessica Cornwell-iest.

  2. Karen Sampson

    Reading through a handful of the 197,000 hits I found out I’m an actress. I’m also an attorney practicing a number of types of law. And a defendant. (I didn’t drill down to find out the crime.)

    I am a forensics specialist and a fiber artist. And the wife of a college basketball coach forced to resign. I’m a social worker who donated $250 to Bush in 2004, a homemaker who contributed $500 and a nurse who contributed $965 to the Obama campaign.

    The real me shows up as a records retention consultant, author of a book on records management and party to lawsuits involving campaign finance laws’ violation of our first amendment rights.

  3. Mary Fraser

    Well, of course I’m a production coordinator for film and tv … that goes without saying given my major and all. I am a fairly talented artist and also a quilter It helps ground me … I don’t like to brag. Mostly though I am a photographer pretty much around the world, including some amazing aviation photography because planes apparently fascinate me and I am not terrified that they will crash, ever.

    Oh, little known fact, I am a published children’s author: Of course there’s also “The Long Winter” (now out of print). The Montessori teaching on Hilton Head Island probably came in handy. I also have a Ph.D. and dabble in religious pursuits, publishing “How Firm a Foundation” apparently because I’m afraid with so much to do the world will fall out from under me. Plus there are those letters I wrote to you all from China where I taught Chinese students, “Many students are nervous, but I am very excited to have this chance to speak with them one-on-one.” Uh oh. Of course that doctorate also helped me get the job at USC where I teach “Psych of Women” – (probably better to dabble with women than with students!)

    Now, because I’m so well known, I have to wear disguises, so here’s one where I look a little older … it helps me to be more professional working in HR in the UK and all. In my spare time, I’m Assistant to the President at a Paper and Forest Product Company … have you seen “The Office” … that’s undoubtedly where I work. I’ll for sure be President soon.

    In my younger years I played piano, drums, guitar, bass, and even sang. I’d like to take this moment in time to apologize deeply to those who heard me. Same for that catering gig, I apologize those that had to eat something I cooked. Even I wouldn’t do that.

    Deep down though I have normal problems just like everyone else: “I’ve lived here (Utah) for almost eight years. No matter how much water I apply to the parking strip, I’ve got an automatic sprinkler system, by August it’s scorched earth.” So that’s why we have a water shortage.

    I’ve married many, many times. Apparently me likey the men.

    I’ve died before and my stone is “practically illegible” … must not be me.

    Of course, I’m unfortunately most well known for my stint in the movie Hitched, where I play the role of “Actor” … of course I do.

  4. beckycc

    Wow. I thought 15,200 was a lot of me! (Most would say one was plenty.) But you guys are everywhere. You’re all off the xmas card list, BTW. I don’t have enough stamps.


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