Incurable Diseases

At the dinner table the other night, during a discussion of the economic bailout, my 16-year-old master of the non sequitur said, “If you had to have an incurable disease, what would you choose and why?”

We sat for a moment in a dumbfounded stupor. His dad and brother were probably trying to distance themselves from his genetic material, but like the nurturing mother I am, I tried to follow his train of thought.

I have to do this a lot, you see.

Economic bailout
Sounds like spank
Ball with the spiky things on it
Damsels kissing frogs
Warts on your lips
Incurable disease

Perfectly logical, right?

Then, of course, we answered his question.

His father said, “If I HAD to have an incurable disease, I’d choose the opposite of dwarfism so I could, in good conscience, continue to look down on people.”

His brother said, “Tourette’s. Definitely Tourette’s. A free pass for swearing inappropriately? C’mon!”

Mr Non Sequitur said, “I’d go with leprosy. I hear you get to live in Hawaii.”

Me? I chose motherhood as my incurable disease so I’d always have blog topics.

If you had to have an incurable disease, what would you choose and why?

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