Fun Freedom of Speech Video

Watch our fun stop action video the Institute for Justice made about our free speech litigation.

The narrator, Karen Sampson, is one of my co-litigants, as are Tom and Norm, featured in the video. The other two of our Notorious Six, my husband and Louise, weren’t able to be there so we put out the call for extras. Luckily Karen’s sister JJ and Tom’s wife Debra were available.

It was a lot of fun to make. We moved in millimeters and a zillion pictures were taken in each new position. When you put them together, you get video that looks like ours.

Also watch the videos about school choice that might just break your heart, a scary video about eminent domain abuse, and a very entertaining music video about the Arizona steakhouse San Tan Flat in its battle against Pinal County’s petty bureaucrats when they tried to ban outdoor dancing.

Be sure to watch the horrifying and incredible story of Susette Kelo and her eminent domain battle. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Poke around the IJ site and see all the good work this civil liberties law firm does. Wired magazine said “the Institute for Justice helps individuals subject to wacky government regulations.” Since their founding in 1991 they’ve had 60 wins and 18 losses.

If you feel compelled to donate to their cause, you’d be in excellent company. Ninety-seven percent of IJ donors who donated $25,000 or more renewed their support over last year. The Institute for Justice has earned Charity Navigator’s “4-Star Charity” rating for seven straight years. IJ is one of only 38 organizations (out of more than 5,400 rated nationwide) to receive this distinction.

I’m so proud and thankful to be under the IJ’s protection for our freedom of speech case.

I am IJ.

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