Advice From My Christmas Decorations

• Hang around those who are different ”” you never know who you’ll meet.
• Just because someone is shinier than you doesn’t make them better.
• If you fall, you might break.
• Even though sometimes you’re left in storage, it doesn’t mean your time won’t come again soon.
• Whether you’re hung one strand at a time or clumped together, it’s always a group effort.
• Lights that blink too fast can give a mighty headache. Slow down!
• If you’re all tangled up you’re of no use to anyone.
• It’s bad enough there was no room at the inn. Don’t make it worse by excluding from the creche as well. Who said there couldn’t be parrots or giraffes or even a bachelor uncle or two?
• There are worse things you can do than hang out on your front porch wearing a red bow.
• If you have to climb up on your roof in the snow and ice, at least make sure you’re lit.

What do your decorations say to you?

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