Phunny Phood Photos

My daughter spent a semester in Europe recently and took some really spectacular photos ”” landscapes, famous monuments, cathedrals, her feet.

And most of her food.

Haggis in Scotland.


Clean Haggis Plate Club.

A gorgeous photo of her lunch in Amsterdam ”” apple tart and cocoa.


Best. Potato. Ever. Coupled with a hefty scone, tea and the most intense clotted cream ever.

Chili and rice in Windsor.




Irn Bru and a Scottish sandwich.


It was pizza, Firefly tea and Cadbury’s. The Breakfast of Champions. Word is, the tea was unremarkable. But it was called Firefly (her favorite tv show)!


Coleslaw/cheddar sandwich, firecracker lobster chips, blackcurrant juice, and a Mars bar.


Her friends went all out for her birthday party.


As an homage to her, and because she was absent, I took a photo of my plate at Thanksgiving.


What’s your favorite Food From Another Land?

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    1. I don’t even know what Moussaka is, but I love going to the Greek Festival here in Denver and stuffing my face with all kinds of other Greek goodies … so I bet I’d like it too!

  1. Moussaka is oven-baked eggplant with ground lamb, greek spices, topped with bechamel sauce.

    I love the sambusa (also called “samosa,” depending on the country), which is a little turnover filled with potato, or lentils, or meat.

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