Reunion Chatter

Recently we discussed whether I should attend my 30th high school reunion.

I think I’ve decided to go.

But that creates another problem. What does one say to people one hasn’t seen in 30 years?

Do I mention how nicely their acne cleared up?

Do I ask who finally talked them out of their unfortunate hairstyle?

Do I remind them of the hilarious story of when they beat me up in the girl’s restroom?

How many times will I be forced to say, “No, that wasn’t me, but I did get suspended for it.”

Do I say, “So, what have you been doing for the last 30 years?” and then set the timer for three minutes? After all, we had a big class … I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

What about the guys I had a crush on? Do I calmly tell them so, or do I fling myself across the room, arms and legs holding them vice-like, sobbing, “Finally!! I’ve waited all these years!! Will you PLEASE sit with me at Fargo’s Pizza?! Upstairs?! Where all the cool kids sit?!”

I’m really at a loss. What is proper reunion behavior?

Oh snap! I just had a brainstorm! I’ll wear somebody else’s nametag! Duh.

What would you say to someone you haven’t seen in 30 years?

0 thoughts on “Reunion Chatter

  1. MJ Diem

    In the buffet line, say casually to the 30-years-ago most popular girl. “Hi, I’m Becky! I’m sure it must be a little awkward for all of you spouses. I’d be glad to show you around. Where did you go to high school?”
    And to anyone who thought they were all that: “So glad to see you again! Listen, I’m stuck on a point for my new YA novel. My memory is so NOT what it was. Did you make out at prom with the entire football team or was it just the starters?”

    1. beckycc

      MJ … that would be excellent advice except you forgot one thing. I’ll be in the BUFFET LINE. Hello! “Buffet line” automatically rules out any thoughtful conversation. I’ll be busy concentrating on getting my share of roast beef, scalloped taters and the good part of the salad bowl. I’ll write your advice on an index card, though, and plant myself at the check-in table. After all, if I alienate enough people before the party even starts, I’ll get a primo spot at the buffet.


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