Claudia’s Brush With Fame

I received an intriguing comment to my blog post about the Aspen Comedy Festival from Claudia. It required some follow-up work from the staff here in BeckyLand, but I’m happy to show you a clip from Craig Ferguson who is funny and charming as always. There’s an hysterical John McCain bit and at 3:24 a “Check The Mail” segment where he reads the letter Claudia mentioned in her comment. Enjoy!


Anyone else want another 15 minutes of fame? Just let me know!

0 thoughts on “Claudia’s Brush With Fame

    1. beckycc

      Yes, it’s true. I AM very cool. And, yes, I would allow you to buy me drinks. But since we don’t really live near each other, if it’s easier, feel free to just send the cash. Don’t forget to include the tip you’d normally leave.

  1. Becky's Sister


    Becky is not as cool as she would have you believe — I have photos. And if you ever do meet her, believe me, you will be buying the drinks.


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