SuperBowl Commercials

First, clear this up for me. Which is it … Super Bowl? Superbowl? SuPeRbOwL? Superb Owl? Since I don’t know, my default ””one word, two capital letters ”” is something that couldn’t possibly be right. But at least I’m consistent.

I love everything about SuperBowl Sunday … the inspirational stories about the lives of football players I’ve never heard of … watching the players try to keep it together during the National Anthem … Faith Hill’s leather pants … guacamole … beer … and who doesn’t love The Boss?!  He’s 59 years old, folks, but acts like he’s 9. He must have mad yoga skillz.

But really, everybody knows it’s the commercials that make the SuperBowl so super.

Now that it’s had some time to ferment, much like kimchee, I wondered which commercials still stuck in your head. It’s easy to pick your favorite the day after the SuperBowl, but what about two weeks after?

Can’t remember?  To refresh your memory, here are the top ten ads from the 2009 SuperBowl. But they don’t include some of my favorites. I liked the Forever Young ad (but I have no idea what it was trying to sell me. Dylan? A Coke and a smile?), the Doritos snow globe ”˜Snack Strong,” Elway playing with the Heroes team (that one might have just been local), and Alec Baldwin for Hulu – “TV rots your brain” ”” although I’ve seen that one many times in the last couple of weeks.


And just because I can, here are the top ten ads from 2008 SuperBowl …


And 2007 …


Me? I loveloveLOVE the talking E*TRADE babies. I’ll vote for them every time. So here, for your extreme delight, are some E*TRADE baby outtakes.


But what about you? What were your favorite SuperBowl commercials?

0 thoughts on “SuperBowl Commercials

  1. Liz in MN

    Given how much I love football, you know I missed the Superb Owl…. so thanks for the link to the commercials. I loved the babies, they made my day1

    1. beckycc

      I don’t think liking football is a prerequisite for watching the SuperBowl. While the people in Hollywood might disagree, it’s truly our nation’s biggest party and next year we expect you to show up with your jersey and your beer hat, Liz.


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