0 thoughts on “Science in BeckyLand

    1. beckycc

      What do you mean ‘that’s it’??? The BeckyLand researchers were up ALL NIGHT getting their hypothesis test-ready. Obviously, you are not of the inquiring scientific mindset. So, to you I say, “pfftt.”

      You’re probably a writer or something.

  1. Jessie

    I guess I’m kinda weird, then. Am I the ONLY one who closes the door? I mean, what if my roommate or my boyfriend comes in?

    1. beckycc

      Geez, Jessie … too busy closing bathroom doors to check the poll results?? There are 6 people who always close the bathroom door … unless you’re so very paranoid you voted 6 times. In which case, yes, you are weird.

      In case others are too lazy to check the results, as of eight seconds ago …
      5 people sometimes close the door
      16 never close the door
      3 people don’t piddle
      and 3 don’t have a bathroom door.

      Clearly those 3 people are the same. After all, how can you piddle if you don’t have a bathroom door?!


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