Happy Square Root Day!

I’m very excited because usually I’m caught unaware of these important March holidays, what with February being Great American Pies Month, National Cherry Month (coincidence? I think not.), Potato Lovers Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Lobster Month, National Macadamia Nut Month, National Snack Food Month AND Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month.

Whew. I was a busy in February. I’m a patriotic American, after all. Always ready to take one for the team.

But today is 3-3-09, Square Root Day. It doesn’t come around too often ”” in fact, only nine times a century. The next one will be April 4, 2016.

My job is to help you celebrate.

You could do the obvious and calculate square roots all day, or try to figure out the dates of all nine Square Root Days this century, but that … well, that’s lame and nerdy.

Instead, try these BeckyLand Square Root Day activities ””

• Drink [square] root beer out of square cups
• Build something with a T-square. Maybe a box.
• Buck up and square your shoulders in the face of adversity (like missing all of the holidays in February)
• Eat a proper square meal like Grandma would serve ”” you know, fried in lard and smothered in gravy. Preferably on square plates with square silverware, but that might be difficult on such short notice.
• Be clueless about trendy fashions, pop culture, and slang
• Bring your ship around to sail directly into the wind
• Assume a posture of attack
• Allemande left, allemande right and do-si-do till you drop from a heart attack. Or extreme embarrassment. Under no circumstances, however, should you circle left or circle right. That totally messes with the spirit of the holiday.
• Be honest and fair in all your deals ”” but just for today. No reason to go all crazy or anything.

Got any other ways to celebrate Square Root Day? Did you calculate all the SRDs this century? Or are you just a square ”” happy to read your square little computer screen while eating your square little sandwich piled high with square little slices of cheese? Huh? Are you?!

Don’t forget Pi Day coming up on March 14! The obvious way to celebrate would be to send me pie.

I’m just sayin ….

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