Becky Has A Meltdown

You’d be surprised how many monkeys are named Becky. Or maybe you wouldn’t.

I was looking for video of the Rock Throwing Chimp in Sweden, but found this instead. Now I’m looking for the hidden camera in my backyard.

I am sorry for the outburst but really, those kids MUST get off of my lawn!


Which zoo animal should be named after you?

0 thoughts on “Becky Has A Meltdown

  1. jessie

    I’ve always had closer connections with giraffes in the zoo. We both have elegant necks, long lashes, and heaven help us if we have to pick up something on the floor because we have more limb than we know what do to with!

    Mama, there’s better ways of getting kids off your lawn, though admittedly, this is far more entertaining!

    P.S. Rock throwing Chimp in Sweden? Now I have to check that out, too.

  2. Mary

    You know, I can totally sympathize with her today. I’m ready for a meltdown! (but I’m not sure I want it all over youtube)

    1. beckycc

      Jessie … I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find the rock-throwing chimp in Sweden. I read about him (maybe it’s a her … can’t remember) and knew he’d fit right in here in BeckyLand. Apparently, he just chucks rocks at people, very slyly and randomly. Gotta love that!

      But if anyone else finds him, send along the link so I can post it.

      Mary … I think you’d feel better if you chucked some rocks. Do it slyly and randomly, and maybe in Sweden, and clearly, it won’t make it to YouTube.

  3. Vicki Clark

    Not only are those kids on Becky’s lawn with a video camera, but they’re hollering at her too, and not a darn thing she can do about it. Damn kids.


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