Bravo Zulu, Son!

For those of you regular visitors to BeckyLand, you might remember that I sent my son off to join the Navy a few months ago.

I’m pleased to announce that he will be graduating from Navy basic training this week. He passed all his tests, inspections and other assessments on time and with flying colors. Oh, but he did have to repeat his swimming qualification because he got kicked in the head the first time. They pulled him out of the water and made him re-test. He was fine, it wasn’t a big deal, but there are rules to be followed, apparently. In the Navy! Who knew?

As he was waiting for his re-test, he watched the SEAL recruits work out. He said their warm-up was harder than his entire hour-long workout. They didn’t get much news of the real world while in boot camp, but they did hear details about the exploits of the SEALs and the USS Bainbridge involved in the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama. I’m fairly certain those guys are chiseled out of granite with a little melted steel for good measure.



So in my son’s honor, and to honor the amazing Navy SEALs …  in true BeckyLand fashion … enjoy these short, funny videos.

See you next week sometime!

David Letterman’s Somali Pirates Play Set


Navy SEAL recruitment ad

They have another similar one that says, “What did YOU do at work today?”


Last, but not least, Squirrel SEALs


3 thoughts on “Bravo Zulu, Son!

  1. Karen

    Enjoy the graduation ceremony! Hope the weather is great, and hope you have time to enjoy Chitown. A great place with great food and great sights and great midwestern people.

    JJ and I send our best wishes.


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