Countdown to Reunion

In just a few short hours I leave for my 30th high school reunion. I wrote about it when I heard it was being planned and again a few days later because clearly, I’m quite needy.

Still a bit apprehensive in ways I can’t exactly put my finger on.

I loved everything about high school and despite my crooked teeth and uber-awkwardness, I had a ball.

My friends included cool kids, cheerleaders, crazy-smart geeks, freaks and band nerds even though I was none of those things. I don’t know if that made me inclusive and progressive, or just clueless and desperate.

Let’s go with that first thing.

I loved them all and when I moved to Arizona during my junior year, I mourned my loss. And for those of you who’ve never lived without cell phones and email, let me tell you, it’s an abrupt loss. Complete lack of contact. I may as well have moved to the moon.

I guess what worries me is that they’ve meant more to me all these years than I’ve meant to them. Do they ever think of me and all the good times we had? Am I included in the recollections of their excellent adventures? Or am I a blurry presence at the edge of a distant memory?

But more importantly, do I hide this extra eight-and-a-half pounds with Spanx or do I, literally, let it all hang out?

PS – Here’s how it went.

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  1. jennifer waters

    My reunion is next weekend for Doherty High School, also in Colorado Springs. My sister works at and my niece attends Wasson! I will be there next weekend, wondering many of the same things you are wondering, especially the one about the spanx.

    One of my former classmates apparently lives in Parker — do you know Robert Thompson? He used to be an Episcopalian; in fact his dad was our priest in Colorado Springs at Grace Church, then later at a new congregation he started in Village Seven, where we lived. I wish he’d go to the reunion, but he missed all the others, so I don’t hold out much hope for him attending this one.

    Hope you have fun! if we actually do the big fun road trip we are planning, we’ll see you guys in August. Unless of course, you spontaneously decide to make that month long European tour you’ve been craving.

  2. George

    Spanx? This turns out to be an entirely different product than the name made me think. I guess I have been to too many Gay Pride parades.

    You are only 8 1/2 pounds over your high school weight? You are going to look like a walking stick compared to those ladies. Trust me.

    1. beckycc

      Jennifer … I’m coming to the conclusion that it might just be too darn hot for spanx. I’m also thinking I might not enjoy myself as much if I’m worried about a horrifying spanx explosion during the evening.

      George, George, George. Did I SAY I was only 8 1/2 pounds over my high school weight? No, I did not. I am 8 1/2 pounds over my June weight. Now you’ve made me feel bad. Does this blog make my butt look fat?


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