Nine Reasons I’m Glad I Went To My High School Reunion

Those of you paying attention to my concerns about attending my high school reunion know I was a little apprehensive. Annoyingly so. Was I too goofy? What will we talk about? Will they even remember me?

If you are considering your own reunion, here are the answers to those questions.

• Yes, I was too goofy, but not any more than anyone else.

• We talked non-stop. About everything. Never a lull in any conversation.

• Yes, they remembered me. Most of them.

So, here, in no particular order are some reasons I’m glad I went ….

1. Seeing the ”˜sudden’ transformation (for me, anyway) of these goofy 16-year-olds into astrophysicists, doctors, professors and doting grandparents.

2. Knowing I made the right choice in leaving the restrictive undergarments at home. After all, anybody who loved you when you were 16 and gangly is bound to love you when you’re 48 and less so.

3. Finding out that some of my pals live and work very near my house.

4. Drinking great beer. (It was held at a brew pub, after all.)

5. Realizing that thirty years really doesn’t change people. We may do different jobs, live in different places, and have thinning and/or graying hair, but fundamentally my high school friends are still folks I want to hang out with.

6. Laughing over old photos, old hairdos, old fashions … but referring to them as “vintage.”

7. So many more Facebook friends!

8. Hearing funny, embarrassing, sometimes tragic stories I hadn’t known before.

9. None of which were about me.

What’s your favorite memory from high school?

0 thoughts on “Nine Reasons I’m Glad I Went To My High School Reunion

  1. Donna

    My 40th reunion is in August and I’ve never found a better way to feel 17 again than to hang around everyone else who is still 17, at least in our heads. Continuing those friendships is one of the great blessings of my life.

  2. Wordguise

    I have not attended many of my reunions. But watching the new Star Trek movie felt sort of like one. It has been depressing to watch Spock and Kirk grow old, and to learn that others of my old buddies from the show died. I’m not that much younger than those guys (and I only knew them because I watched the show). Still, their mortality feels a lot like my own, which ain’t that cool. . But, in the movie, they were all young again and doing new stuff. For a couple of hours, so was I. I’m guessing your reunion was something like that, only with beer. Glad it went well.

    1. beckycc

      First things first. Spock and Kirk do not grow old. Just wiser, with more experience and better dialogue. That’s what happens in space, the final frontier. Clearly, Wordguise, you should be spending much more quality time in the theater and/or in space. With beer. Duh.

      Donna … are you sure you’re not 17? I was told that after the 20th reunion, the clock starts going backward.


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