Camp Granny

The Denver Post had an article about parents who can’t afford to send their kids to camp, so they’re sending them to their grandparents for the summer. I hope they call first.

They call it Camp Granny. I think it’s a business plan screaming for attention.

Who wouldn’t want to sign up their kids for these fun and worthwhile activities …

• 4 pm Buffet of Soft Foods
• Butterscotch Unwrapping Workshop, motto Louder is Better
• Count the Liver Spots Contest
• Pin the White Socks and Sandals on Grandpa
• Fundamentals of Napping
• Medic Alert Lanyard Making
• How To Forget How Email Works … Again
• Curmudgeon Practice, includes fist-shaking instruction and vocabulary builders like hooligan and whippersnapper
• Tips and Tricks To Ignoring People, choose one breakout session:
– Pretending to be Asleep
– Turning Off Your Hearing Aid
– Shuffling From Room to Room In Your Slippers

What would you like to see your kids do at Camp Granny?

5 thoughts on “Camp Granny”

  1. I’d like to see a sit down activity like knitting. Why not teach them the art of knitting. And just think how quiet they will be.

  2. How To Tell Stories About And Give Directions To Places That No Longer Exist so that family members go on wild goose chases looking for this fabulous location.

    Ditto for knitting, or crocheting. My grandmom had a ceramics shop, and I was thinking just this morning how much fun it was to actually *make* gifts for people.

    Old Fashioned Card Games like Rummy, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid

    1. Denise … that’s funny! Seems like you might have a story to tell.

      And the knitting and card games? Perfectly reasonable activities … which is probably why I hadn’t thought of them.

  3. Okay, this is actually the basis of my kid’s book. Don’t scan the shelves for it yet–the rejections have surprisingly slowed my interest in promoting it.
    It DOES include playing cards…but also disco dancing and community service. (My ‘dream’ version of me as a grandmother)

    1. <>


      Personally, I think Camp Claudia would ROCK! I’m already digging out my disco clothes. Oh! and could we have a Pirate Night where we’d say “arrr” a lot and drink Pirate Punch??

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