Literal Music Videos

Raise your hand if you remember 80s music video back when MTV was a new medium. Yeah, me too. These are literal versions of those old videos. Clever people put new lyrics to them to literally match the action in the video.

So funny. Enjoy, but be forewarned, there are LOTS of mullets.

Penny Lane …best line: “What the hell?! It’s our guitars! Where’d they get those?”


Head Over Heels … best line: “Is that Dave Coulier?”


Total Eclipse of the Heart … best line: “I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird”


Anything For Love … best line: “Wait! I wasn’t done reading it yet, c’mon!”


Daydream Believer … best line: “in my fruity sixties clothes”



0 thoughts on “Literal Music Videos

  1. Lana

    “What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up!”
    (Total Eclipse of the Heart)

    Hysterical! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Claudia

    I think this trend started on SNL…where they did their own literal videos…but I think these remakes are even more fun…I could watch all day!

    1. beckycc

      I knew you guys would love ’em! I had to physically remove myself from my computer to stop watching them. They’re so addicting …. just one more …. please???


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