Backyard Mystery

Looking out my kitchen window, I saw something white hidden behind the trees at the back of our property. I assumed it was a piece of trash that the wind would soon blow away.

But there it was the next day too. And the day after that. And the day after THAT.


I was forced to investigate.

What is it?

It’s a …

It’s a ….




But what is it doing there??



This property behind us is a rectangle, about 11 acres, with the long side bordering a dozen backyards. We’re about in the middle. There’s one house on the acreage quite a distance away and nobody ever meanders down toward us. It wouldn’t be an easy stroll down the weed-choked hill, nor would it be a particularly interesting place to walk.

There is a horse that lives back there, but I’ve never seen him sit down. Certainly not in a plastic chair. When he’s being trained and/or ridden, it’s not down by our backyard. And there’s never a chair involved.

There are no roads back there and in the 20 years we’ve lived here, I’ve probably seen four people tromp through. It’s not a shortcut to anywhere.

The chair obviously didn’t blow there, because even after the strong winds we had, it was still sitting upright in exactly the same place.

Most of us whose property borders along there have no access from our back fences. Certainly not us or our immediate neighbors.

I find this mysterious chair a tad creepy and disconcerting.

What’s the story, Morning Glory? What’s the word, Hummingbird?

0 thoughts on “Backyard Mystery

  1. Jessie

    Obviously, you have an infestation. This one’s just a scout, but as soon as he decides it’s safe for the rest of the nest to come out, the place will be crawling. My advice is to stomp on it and spray it with Windex to mask its pheromones.

  2. Lisa

    Perhaps Jeffrey did something naughty and you banished him to his timeout chair… waaaaay out back. However, instead he breathed on you with his “magic fire breath,” and fried your brain so that you would forget the whole thing! Goodness…. I didn’t believe him when he said so, but maybe he really DOES have magic fire breath!!!

    1. beckycc

      The truth of the piece, dear Adam, lies in its fundamental truth. We may be all alone, and in the middle of a field, but we can still be comfortably seated.


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