0 thoughts on “Dancing Down the Aisle

  1. Claudia

    Don’t remember where I first saw this posted a couple weeks ago, but YES! It made me CRY!!! What cool friends, to do that for the lucky couple. Totally jealous.

  2. Mike Sigalas

    At my sister’s recent, very hip Athens, GA wedding (I think my wife and I were the only ones there without a recording contract), all said hip friends danced the Tarantella and various Greek dances with the Sigalases. I thought that was pretty cool. To return the favor, my mother and I pogoed to Love Shack.

  3. Lisa

    Now that is exactly the sort of thing one would expect to see at a Cornwell wedding!!! I’m afraid you’ve set the bar high now Becky, and I really hope to be invited! : )

  4. Lisa

    hmmmmmm…. or maybe a TUBA processional… or heck, how about a whole marching band routine???? Now the ideas are really starting to flow!!!!

    1. beckycc

      Okay, now I really want to have another wedding! I want to pogo down the aisle with my mom to the sound of happy tubas playing Love Shack. Pretty sure my friends don’t know the Tarantella or various Greek dances, but I do know people who could play Bugler’s Holiday as a recessional. Oooooo … can I? Huh? Can I???


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