Celebrity Guest Bloggers

How did you enjoy my Celebrity Guest Bloggers while I was playing hooky?

You might be interested to know that I went to Chapman College with both Mike Sigalas and George Waters. I attended many parties with both these guys, including Halloween …


There’s Mike in his gas station attendant (trucker?) duds. And me in my shepherd’s robe. And George right in front. And flappers and military personnel and a wise guy. Oh, wait. This wasn’t Halloween. It was Choose Your Internship Day. Chapman had some odd requirements back in their halcyon years.

And another, more formal party … maybe this one was Halloween. My memory just isn’t what it used to be.

wedding George

See George?

If you know anyone else I should highlight in the future, send their links privately to me at AmpersandPress@aol.com with “Guest Blogger” in the subject line.

So … how did you enjoy reading columns from George and Mike?

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    1. beckycc

      Hi, Deb … I saw your incoming link and was wondering who the shoplifter was! Glad it’s you and glad I can make you snort when you visit BeckyLand.


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