0 thoughts on “Of Library Cards and Furtive Glances”

  1. We moved to Fort Collins when I had just turned five. My dad pointed my older sister, brother and me in the direction of the small and ancient public library a mere six blocks away. I’m not sure who printed my name on that first card, (and for the first few years of school I got more books from our school library) but I do remember it being a magical place with a stereopticon and a metal, spiral staircase to the basement where the children’s books were.

  2. I remember coming home from the library with an armful of books and looking at my brothers’ and sisters’ books to see what else I would get to read that week. I also remember making Dad make a special trip to the library on a non-library night to pick up a special order book for me that I couldn’t wait even one more day to read……and I read the whole thing when he went in the store to get milk!

    1. Geez, Claudia … a stereopticon?! I hope that reflects on the age of the library and not of you!

      Donna … your dad ROCKS!

      Vicki … heard a comedian say the other night that he didn’t really like the ending of TDOAF. Seemed a little abrupt to him. No, I didn’t laugh. That would be wrong.

  3. I heard someone say that when they saw a stage version of tdoaf it was so bad that when the Nazis burst in he yelled “they’re in the attic!” and got up to leave

    1. Adam has many avenues for his defense here … one, the oldies are the goodies … two, his parents force-fed him a steady diet of old jokes … and three, he probably does know somebody who actually said and/or did this.

      Regardless, it made me laugh and that’s all that counts!

      But now I have to figure out why the comments on this blog are going the wrong way. Shouldn’t the newer ones be at the end??

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