Why I Haven’t Blogged Recently

I fear I’ve been remiss lately in posting to my blog. But I have good reasons. Ten of ”˜em …

1. Drunken lords-a-leaping tried to vault over my chestnuts roasting on an open fire resulting in a holiday mishap of epic proportions.

2. Lazy. So very lazy.

3. Despite what you might think, that fudge does NOT eat itself.

4. Elves kidnapped me and forced me to make toys while they chanted, “Arbeit Macht Frei” in their creepy wee voices.

5. Mall traffic is really hideous this year. Still circling from Black Friday.

6. Trying to catch up on Time Magazines before the new year arrives. Did you know that men landed on the MOON?! Apparently it was on TV. Speaking of which, I’m not holding out much hope for that new educational show called Sesame Road. I mean, really. Puppets? C’mon.

7. Way too noggy to type.

8. Took “Elfing Myself” to new heights.

9. Facebook friends demanding actual face time.

10. Tying down the Slip-and-Slide to the roof then perfecting my recipe for Reindeer Stew. You know. Just in case.

What have you been remiss in doing? But more importantly, why?

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