Round Up Of Unrelated Things On My Mind Today

• I heard an NPR interviewer ask a musician with a new album, “That song has such a rich, lush sound. Is that what you were going for?”

I desperately wanted the musician to say, “Um, no. I wanted it to sound flat and twangy. Clearly, I suck at music. Thank you for pointing that out.”

But she didn’t.

• I scored a sweet coup at Goodwill. A gorgeous dark purple wool coat AND an adorable red jacket. Total cost? $17. Lesson learned? Quit looking for stuff and it leaps out at you when you least suspect. I was there buying books, some of which leaped out at me too. But that might have had more to do with unruly children.

• Got all excited because my pal Justin told me that Max and Mina’s Ice Cream in NY made beer and peanut ice cream. (I KNOW!!!) But when I went to their website, there’s nary a list of their flavors and it doesn’t look like they do any shipping to the flyover states. (I KNOW!!!) Now I’m quietly weeping in the corner, cradling my empty spoon.

Max and Mina, Bruce and Mark … if you’re listening, I accept free samples and will blog my bloggy heart out for you if it’s true.

• Jay Leno is a putz. He gambled. He lost. He should go away.

What’s on your mind today?

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