Full Body Scanners At Airports

I’m sicksicksick of newscasters testing the security machines at airports big and small. Walk through, raise arms, stand still, fuzzy image. Yeah, we get it. Of course they always add to the “drama” by strapping some weird arsenal all over themselves and pointing out their hidden weaponry. I haven’t seen one yet who hid explosives in his undies and showed us THAT on the machine.

Personally, I’ve had three kids so I’m woefully lacking in modesty. Scanners, pat-downs, wanding, invasive body cavity search ”” none of it bothers me.

Maybe we should turn it into a lemonade moment, though. Maybe we should be a little bit proud that anybody ”” even if it is a machine ”” wants to see what’s under our clothes. My guess is that’s not the case for most of us.

And if the scanners make it so we don’t have to take off coat, belt and shoes, empty our pockets and measure out our hair gel, well, then I’ll give ”˜em a hearty hip hip hooray.

Do you have qualms about full body scanners? What kind of security devices would you like to see at airports?

0 thoughts on “Full Body Scanners At Airports

  1. Liz

    I’d compare this to nude beaches…. they’re boring. Yes. They. Are. Because ya know what? Most of us don’t look all that enticing under our clothes, and after the 10th or 50th ordinary naked person, no one cares.
    That’s my opinion on pat-downs. Never mind what I think of the whole Security Theatre that’s been playing at airports since 2001. You just have to make up your mind you’re as safe right now as you’re ever going to be, and get on with it.

  2. beckycc

    Well, I didn’t get into the whole security issue because most of it drives me even crazier, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel personally invaded by this new technology. Unfortunately, I think we’ll still have to take off our shoes.


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