The Thing in the Corner

Look what I found in the corner of my bedroom while I was vacuuming.

Notice I said while vacuuming? That’s to make you think I’m not lazy. But I am. I’m like a dog who must lean her head against the wall to bark.

Don’t judge me.

I do enjoy vacuuming, though, which is why I do it almost twice a year. It gives me lots of unfettered thinking time.

Remember on Gomer Pile when Sargeant Carter would get frustrated with Gomer and make him sit and think with a bucket on his head? That’s me, but without the bucket. And attached to the vacuum.

I especially enjoy vacuuming when I’m too lazy to place my glasses on my face so I can’t actually see all the debris I’m missing. I also enjoy executing (in both senses of the word) some sweet ballet moves while I try to circumnavigate stuff on the floor I’m too lazy to move.

You might be wondering about the rabbit and the flag in the photo.

The rabbit was a prop from the movie Torch Song Trilogy that my pal Ted worked on. He actually gave it to us when our daughter was an infant, but I never let her play with it. Seemed rude and somehow unAmerican to teethe on movie props.

If you’re curious, watch the movie to find our Torch Song bunny. Watch for Ted, too, even though you won’t see him. In the movie, Anne Bancroft leaves the room to get a pile of Christmas gifts. Among his many and varied duties, Ted was behind the door holding them at the ready for her. Clearly, he was the rivet holding that production in place.

And, speaking of unAmerican … the flag. This was the flag presented to my hubby when he attained his Eagle Scout rank. It flew over some capitol and came with a letter from a Senator or the gang from Gilligan’s Island or the Pope or somebody. I didn’t know him then so the details are fuzzy.

Simmer down, all you Patriots. I’ll get it cleaned up. Next time I vacuum over in that corner. Swear.

Do you have mad housecleaning skillz? Any tips for me?

0 thoughts on “The Thing in the Corner

  1. MJ Diem

    Mad housekeeping skillZ? Three words: Don’t Do It.
    My mother pointed out the windows in our new (well, slightly used 1999 model) have windows that open easily. I said “Uh huh?”
    She said “So you can clean them.”
    I said “Windows have to be cleaned?”
    She said “And you wonder why I drink.”
    I said “…and clean windows.”

  2. Kid Sister to a Comedian

    If you put your newspapers in the back of a truck on a windy day, they all fly out! oh that would be mad littering skills…

    …. was googling old comments and noticed that you asked me a question over a year ago… yes the sunglasses stay on… (now you get to figure out what the question waz!)



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