Bacon or Sex?

So, I was reading the “Meat and Poultry Highlights” in Perishable News the other day (yes, I do lead a full and fascinating life, thanks for asking), and learned that 43% of Canadians would choose bacon over sex.

An astonishing 23% of men said bacon is their Numero Uno fragrance. Mark my words, for Christmas 2010 I predict 68% of my readers will receive bacon-flavored perfume as a sexy gift from their significant other.

Fifty percent (5 – 0!!) of British Columbia residents said they’d give up sex before they’d give up bacon. Although I wonder about this. I mean, really. How difficult is it to shove a slice of crispy perfection into your piehole and then hop in the sack? So what if it’s a bit greasy … might be better than pricey massage oil. Which, I might add, shouldn’t be licked.

My curiosity has been working overtime, so I gotta ask ….

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