This Old Dog

This old dog needs to learn a new trick.

Maybe you’ve noticed you haven’t heard from me in awhile. If you haven’t missed me, pfftt and congratulations on having a real life. If you have missed me, know that I’ve missed you too.

I’ve had a crazy busy life the last couple of months. In addition to the normal craziness of trying to herd my everyday cats, I’m trying to launch a new business. (It’s slowly dawning on me I’m not quite as smart as I thought I was.) In my spare time, I planned a family vacation involving one son traveling from Japan, a high school graduation followed immediately by a college graduation in a different state. (I know. We had no foresight.)

I tell you this not to brag, because unlike most other activities in my life, I don’t feel it’s bragworthy.

See, when I get busy, I can’t multi-task. And by ”˜multi-task’ I mean ”˜function like a normal person.’

I’ve been doing this for years, so it’s pretty ingrained. I remember when my first child was born. Hubby would skip off merrily to work in the morning while I stayed home and nurtured our little elf. More often than not, hubby would skip back home eight hours later to find me still in my robe, obviously not showered, surrounded by the detritus of my day. Don’t get me wrong … I was having a hoot but I just couldn’t quite get it together because the kid slept 23 out of every 24 hours. I know. More bragging. But that’s not how it seemed then.

I simply couldn’t bring myself to hop in the shower when my precious widdle narcoleptic might wake up … any minute now … waking up …did I just hear her? … surely by now …

Stupid. I know. I’ve been told. And in my heart I knew that newborn wasn’t going anywhere in the five minutes it would take to rub the mommy stank off myself. But still.

I’ve carried this stupidness all these years and it manifests itself like a brick repeatedly striking my temple. For instance, when I try to launch a new biz, plan a family vacation, and try not to brag.

Because I’ve been busy, I haven’t blogged, I haven’t kept up with my friends, I haven’t exercised, I haven’t done a lot of things. Except gain back the five pounds I struggled to lose the last couple of months.

So I’m done being stoopid. From now on, I will no longer focus on only one project to the exclusion of everything else. I will find time every day to do at least a little bit of all my somethings.

Including bragging. (Aren’t I marvelously awesome for being so self-aware??)

How ”˜bout you? Do you glue your nose to the grindstone for the duration or can you compartmentalize? What are your tricks to keeping your life well-rounded?

3 thoughts on “This Old Dog”

  1. Lists, lists and more lists and don’t lose the calendar. When May rolled around and I was preparing for the first day of 2 part time jobs, planting my garden, and my volunteer job, I had my traditional night-before nightmare. I forgot my Census bag…had to go get it in the Silver Key van and train my garden co-workers how to count people….and I was naked. That seems to clear out my brain and things go smoothly from there.

  2. I know!!! I made a stupid vow to blog on a weekly basis and am waaaaaay over my head with this revision. When I do think of blogging there’s – I don’t know – normal? stuff to do. Laundry, etc… Or eating. I have recently re-discovered English Muffins. 😛

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