Family Vacation

It struck me recently that we might have taken our last family vacation. At least in the traditional sense, with Mom doing all the planning and herding; the kids elbowing each other in the silliness of the back seat and asking when we’re scheduled to eat next; and Dad doing all the driving, paying, and photographing.

This makes me sad. (But not about the whole us-paying-for-everything part. That must stop.)

Our most recent Family Foray was to the Oregon coast to attend our daughter’s college graduation. It came two days after our youngest son’s high school graduation and only about a month before he was scheduled to join the Navy and leave for boot camp. Our middle son, already in the Navy, was able to organize his leave and travel from Japan to join us. (Okay, so I didn’t do ALL the planning, but I worried about it extra hard to make up for it.)

We’ve taken many family vacations over the years, all with special memories of my perfect planning as well as things gone wrong that turned out being better than what was originally on the itinerary. We have lots of photos, too. Lots. Of. Photos.

And here’s another photo, but I didn’t take it on vacation. I took it a couple of days ago.

On my husband’s dresser, I came across this pebble we found on one of those Oregon beaches.

It’s shaped like a tiny anchor.

Maybe the Universe is talking to me. Maybe it’s saying that the Navy is the right choice for our boys. Maybe it’s saying that beach-combing with our daughter can’t happen anywhere but Oregon, where her new destiny lives. Maybe it’s reminding me my husband has an uncanny ability to find cool things.

Or maybe it’s simply a gift to remind me of our last exquisite family vacation.

What was your most recent family vacation? If you’re an ’empty nester,’ have you had any traditional family vacations with all your kids again?

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  1. We have been empty nesters for 8 years, and all 5 of our kids now live out of town. Last Christmas we had them all home together for the firt time in 7 years, and it was SO wonderful. We have taken vacations with some of the kids (the 2 married couples, and 1 single) and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. EVER. My kids grew up to be great friends to us–every parent’s wish.

    1. That’s so great, Claudia! I’m blessed too. My kids are delightful people. I know this because people other than their grandparents tell me so. They like each other and they like us. You’re right ”” it’s every parent’s wish. Let’s take complete credit for it, mmmkay??

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