Annual Synesthesia Conference

Because I’m a member of the American Synesthesia Association and love all things synesthetic, I got an email about their annual conference coming up in October.

Funny thing to tell you before I give you the conference details, though. Every day in the shower, I see my organic facial cleanser that proudly proclaims, “no synthetic chemicals — ever!”  And every day I think it says “no synesthetic chemicals — ever!”  Then my mind goes twirling and tripping around, imagining all the possibilities of synesthetic chemicals and I forget to wash my hair.

Yes. Every day.

So, conference details …

This will be our 8th Annual National Conference and will take place October 1 – 3 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. The conference will be hosted by Randolph Blake of the Department of Psychology and Vanderbilt Vision Research Center, as well as by Edward M. Hubbard of the Department of Psychology and Human Development. The following Board Members of the ASA further make the conference possible: Sean Day, Lawrence E. Marks, and Carol Steen. We also thank the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for providing partial support for this year’s meeting.

Additionally, we have the privilege of announcing that our Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Jools Simner, Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh.

Conference plans are well underway and we are delighted that we can share them with you now. Please check our website for further information. You will notice that we are being given an unusually low rate at the Hampton Inn Vanderbilt West End — $119/ night + taxes. Group rates are also available at the Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt — $144.00/ night + tax and a surcharge. Group rates will only be available through August 30, so please make your reservations early.

We look very forward to seeing you in Nashville!

Barbara Beard Stephan, Ph.D.

Membership Chair

American Synesthesia Association

Some day I WILL go to this conference, but once again, the dates don’t work out for me. Would you want to go to the American Synesthesia Association conference? Have you gone in the past? Are you going to this one? Would you report back to me?

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