See you on the flip side!

I’m spending some quality time away from my electronics this holiday season and I hope you can do the same. I’ll be back before you know it, though, with more BeckyLand nonsense.

Thanks for being such fabulous and loyal readers and for playing here in my sandbox with me. How ’bout we do it again next year??

Till then … stay safe, have fun, wear clean undies, make a new friend, and spend some time doing something relaxing just for yourself. Oh, and giggle more than is seemly.


0 thoughts on “See you on the flip side!

  1. Donea Lee

    Hi Becky – thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful review of the PPW conference! Several others have echoed your opinion about it – a lot of them saying how “friendly” it was. I’m excited to go. And I’d love to hear your story about driving around “The Donald”. 🙂 I guess Maass is to publishing what Trump is to Real Estate? Too fun! Hopefully will get a chance to meet you in a few months.

    🙂 Donea Lee


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