Jesus Toast

Seriously?? A toaster that burns an image of Jesus into your bread?  Gives new meaning to your daily bread, eh? How could you not break it into tiny wafers to eat it?

Burnt Impressions also makes these versions …

Now I can’t decide which one to get Grandma for her birthday!

What image would you like burned into your toast? Maybe, ironically, a picture of toast. Or a cockroach. Or the Pillsbury Doughboy.

0 thoughts on “Jesus Toast

  1. Debbie Meldrum

    I want one that has options. Maybe a little disk you slip in, depending on your mood. Need inspiration to set your butt down and write? A picture of a favorite author (mine would be Margaret Atwood or Neil Gaiman). Haven’t been keeping up with your exercise routine? A bicycle or treadmill. Been doing what you’re supposed to? Ewan McGregor.


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