What I’m Not Thinking About Today

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately and haven’t blogged in awhile. So I’m sure you must be curious about the things I’m not thinking about today.

I’m not thinking about the weird color of John Boehner’s skin. Or the weird stylistic maneuvers of Donald Trump’s hair.

Or the millions of ways I’ve heard people pronouce David Plouffe’s name.

Or the itchy spots on both my shins and my right elbow.

Or if shampoo can double as body wash.

Or my poor food and beverage choices the last few days.

Or how much I really dislike everything about Angelina Jolie.

But I’m especially not thinking about why I’m so judgmental all of a sudden.

I’m also not thinking about why someone would leave a weird rambling comment on my other blog that kinda sorta chastised me about something I didn’t even say and then wonder why I didn’t respond.

Which lead me to not think about if people get likkered up before they read my blogs.

What are you not thinking about today?

3 thoughts on “What I’m Not Thinking About Today”

  1. I’m not thinking about why there seem to be an odd number of bread slices in the last several loaves purchased. Is it a marketing ploy to get us to buy more bread to even out the number of slices? I’m not thinking about that today.

  2. Now I’m thinking about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that some of us eat single slices of toast. Or even ”” call me crazy ”” a half sandwich.

    It also occurs to me you have an odd number of dogs. Coincidence??

    1. As one of my dogs has multiple personalities, I’m not sure the tag of “odd number of dogs” fits. However, I do have a number of odd dogs. Coincidentally. 😛

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