Let’s Talk About Suicide

My nephew Ben would have turned 26 last week.

To honor his memory, my family is pledging support to the Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver by participating in their annual “Give Youth a Second Wind” Festival at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on September 18. There will be food and great music in addition to a 5k walk or timed run through the neighborhoods surrounding the fairgrounds or a 1 mile walk on the fairgrounds.

The Second Wind Fund began in response to a spate of suicides in Jefferson County, CO during the 2001-2002 school year. It started small but is now the largest suicide prevention event in the nation with thousands of participants every September.

The Festival is a celebratory event. The pain of losing someone to something so preventable never goes away, but with this nonprofit organization’s fundraising and awareness campaign, many kids at risk for suicide have been helped. Maybe someone you know.

Second Wind raises money so at-risk kids can get free counseling … in essence, giving them their second wind.

One out of every four teens has thoughts of suicide and by the time kids are 20, that number increases to 50%. My guess is that everyone reading this has been touched in some way by a suicide. It’s a rock that creates as many ripples as tsunamis.

While it’s too late for Ben to get his second wind, it only takes $480 to get a kid through that dark tunnel back into the light.

Please consider donating to The Ben Team, and if you’d care to join us on September 18, 2011, we’d love to have you come out and show your support.

Also consider forwarding this to your friends as well as sharing it on Facebook. You really never know when someone needs a lifeline tossed to them.

But if you do nothing else, start a conversation with the kids in your life. Give them the information for The Second Wind folks ”” have them carry it in their wallet; make copies for their friends ”” and let them know people care and can help.

Will you be one of them?

Thank you so much …


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