Soap is Complicated

This is the soap I use every day in the shower. (Okay, most days. Sometimes I blog instead.)

See how it’s almost empty? Just yesterday I noticed the “To Use” instructions. Imagine my surprise that I’ve been doing it all wrong!

If you can’t read it, it says: “Squeeze body wash onto a wet pouf or wash cloth and work into a rich, creamy lather. Rinse.”

I don’t have a wet pouf and, in fact, haven’t even seen one since Liberace and I were on the synchronized swimming team. (Ba duh bump. I’m here all week, folks.)

I just use my hands to lather up, which is fortuitous because the rest of the instructions read, “May also be used as a hand wash.” Whew.

I’m desperately wondering what other tricks my soap can do. Any ideas?

0 thoughts on “Soap is Complicated

  1. George

    A lot of people have those scrunchy body-scrubbing poofs in the shower. I remember a commercial which was selling liquid shower soap to men, but they couldn’t say “Apply to your scrunchy poof and soap up.” That wouldn’t sell. So they called the poof a “lather builder.” You can’t hid the truth, though. I think Einstein said it best. A poof is a poof.


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