How To Wrap a Gift Even If You’re All Thumbs

A couple of years ago, I wrote and posted a tutorial about how to gift wrap. I’m positive it wasn’t prompted by certain behaviors on anyone’s part. Positive.

With all the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Buy Me Stuff Sunday, and Cyber Monday events this weekend, it seems it’s time to revisit the science of Wrapology.

If you’re a bit chagrined about your wrapping abilities, here it is again. Consider it my gift to you. Of course, if you want me to check your work, all you need to do is send me your gorgeously wrapped gifts. I will offer constructive criticism in a timely manner. (In case you’re wondering, piles of banded cash fit me perfectly. As do size 7½ kick-ass boots.)

As if to cement my Wrapology blog today, I also ran across a Better Homes and Gardens site teaching how to make nine beautiful bows.

You might have heard I’m a bit lazy. Plus, when I wrap gifts I tend to do a zillion at once. By the time I get around to adding the ribbon or bows to them, I’m pooped. But these videos make it so simple to add just that perfect final show-offy touch.

Learn how to do this and it will be your wrapping zenith. Your pièce de résistance. Your magnum opus. Your masterwork. Your tour de force. A really cool thing that will make everyone fall to their jealous knees, humbling themselves before the throne of your perfection.

So go forth and impress!

Are you a good wrapper or bad? How often do you go the “shove it in a gift bag and call it good” route? Do you save bow, ribbon and paper? Will this be the year you learn to wrap beautiful gifts?

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