It Never Gets Old

My new book is finally in print. It seems like it took forever ”” I guess because it freakin’ DID ”” but I can take a breath and reflect on the journey, now that it’s over.

First, if you have a hankering to publish a book, do it. Do it, do it, DO IT! There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing something you created right there in your hand.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Becky, what about kids? You can hold newborn babies in your hands too.”

True. But you can’t hold ’em forever, you can’t give them away, and you certainly can’t sell them. At least nobody ever wanted to buy mine, no matter how much I lowered the price.

I joke, of course, but honestly? It’s a similar feeling. And frankly, a book is more of an achievement. I mean, any dope can birth a baby, but not everyone can write a book. Getting pregnant takes ten merry minutes ”” twenty if you’re lucky ”” but a book takes real effort!

Over the last 20 years or so, I’ve published lots of articles, six digital non-fiction books, three or four large-format ‘How To’ manuals, and a fiction paperback for kids. You’d think it would be less exciting to get this paperback in my hand. But it’s not.

that new book smell

It never gets old.

It’s a wild and giddy thrill to see tangible proof of all your hard work. You hold in your hands not just your words and ideas, but the white-hot optimism that complete strangers will appreciate what you’ve done, and the absolute conviction they won’t.

Pretty powerful stuff for 247 pages and a glossy cover.

I guess that’s what publishing a book gives you … power. Not brawn, not skill or mastery, but energy. Courage. A way to steam ahead, full of peppy faith in yourself.

I mean, if you can publish a book, who knows what else you can do? But you’ll never know until you try. So get busy … quit playing in BeckyLand. Get outta here and seize some power for yourself!

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  1. 10 merry minutes, huh? I feel that in many cases that’s an overestimation! Congrats Becky and I draw constant inspiration for my own writing when I hear about the things you’ve accomplished.

    1. Thanks, Will, but remember everything you’ve accomplished … and you’re just a young whippersnapper! (I’ll let the 10 merry minutes ‘overestimation’ comment slide, though.)

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