Tape Convention

This was the first blog post I ever wrote. Originally published August 26, 2008 to launch my ‘I’m Just Sayin’ blog.

Here’s something funny. Or sad. Or both.

My daughter’s flight comes in around 5pm tonight and I’m going to pick her up, so late last night I scribbled myself a note that said “tape convention tomorrow” because I didn’t want to miss Michelle Obama or any part of the Democratic National Convention. When I got up this morning, I stared at it for about 20 seconds wondering where was this Tape Convention I’m going to today, and why couldn’t I remember signing up for it.

In my defense, it was before I had my coffee.

I wonder what kind of workshops they have at the Tape Convention.
Motivational …. “Stick to It!”
Educational …. “Masking and Scotch ”” the Difference is Clear!”
How-To …. “Sticky Side Down, Except When Dealing with VHS”

What seminars or workshops would YOU like to see at a Tape Convention?

3 thoughts on “Tape Convention

  1. Wordguise

    I’d like to see these sessions:

    VHS: What in heck is that?
    Wrapping Tape: The Early Years (which could also go by the title “String”)
    Who was Cassette, and why did Mrs Tape name him that?
    Masking and Scotch: My most embarrassing Halloween party

    Nice blog. Good luck with it.

  2. Lana

    Duct tape and other fowl fixes.
    Taping: translating extinct languages.
    Strapping – fashion advice from the finest looking.
    Scotch – admitting your addiction is the first step.


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