Best Cinderella?

My husband and I were talking about the Rogers & Hammerstein “Cinderella” they made for TV. Yes, that’s how we roll. A few days later he brought me the CD from the library.

But it was the wrong one. I hated it. I couldn’t listen to it. I threw it against the wall. I rented a steamroller and drove over it fourteen times. I fed it to a bear.

So I’m going to ask you, Best Beloved. Which do you like better, in alphabetical order …

the Julie Andrews version …

or the Lesley Ann Warren version …

Leave your vote in the comments. When I have a substantial enough number, I’ll tell you if you’re right.

So … Julie Andrews or Lesley Ann Warren?

8 thoughts on “Best Cinderella?

  1. L Hayden

    Julie Andrews for the vocal talent alone and Julie Andrews because…it’s freakin’ Julie Andrews! You can’t mistake that voice for anyone else’s. Yes, Lesley Ann Warren’s voice is good but totally generic with no unique qualities.

    Now if we could have just had Stuart Damon with Julie Andrews… Gotta love Dr. Quartermane…

  2. Pamela McKenna

    Julie Andrews…hands down.
    Lesley Ann Warren’s voice just doesn’t have the refinement and depth and it has this “little girl” quality to it.

  3. Lisa Hamsmith

    First I must admit that I’ve never seen the Julie Andrews version and didn’t know it existed before seeing this clip. I grew up watching the Lesley Ann Warren version, which I loved and have fond memories of watching whenever it aired. While I LOVE Julie Andrews in EVERYTHING I have ever seen her in, and her voice is undeniably AMAZING, my preference is still the Lesley Ann Warren version. I was always enchanted by her charm and “believability” as Cinderella!

  4. L Collins

    Julie Andrews, although I’d never heard her sing this song before now. The other one sounds like a cartoon character…listen to it without watching the video and I bet you can imagine it as a Disney character.

  5. Steve Cornwell

    Julie Andrews obviously has the better voice, but my vote goes to Lesley Ann Warren. Her version is the one I’m familiar with. Plus Lesley Ann Warren was terrific in “Victor/Victoria.”

  6. Liz

    I understand the question. I just can’t get over talking about steamrolling or feeding the library’s CD to a bear. OK, OK, you’re speaking metaphorically. But still, the very idea. I vote Lesley because it’s the one I grew up to, even thought Julie’s voice is quite amazing and Lesley sounds like a little kid.

  7. Becky Post author

    The correct answer is Lesley Ann Warren, for precisely the reasons some of you voted against her. Julie Andrews does NOT seem like a waif. She’s more refined and precise, usually an asset, but not here. She also doesn’t look quite right for this role. Julie Andrews looks about 30 and if you’re still a prisoner in your wicked step-mother’s house when you’re that old, well, you just don’t deserve to have a fairy godmother.

    Now when this debate comes up again, you won’t embarrass yourself. You’ll know the right answer. You’re welcome.


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