Does Grammar Matter?

My life is full of odd little synchronicities.

Yesterday I was having fun with this meme on Facebook:

grammar meme

Today I ran across an op-ed I clipped by Patty Limerick. She talks about employers who answered her poll about whether writing skills matter when hiring young people.

In case you were curious, yes, yes they do. Overwhelmingly. In fact, many of the employers told her, “that application material with a couple of errors in punctuation or grammar sends a resume to the recycling bin.” One employer said, “If this is how the applicants present themselves … why expect anything but an unsatisfactory work performance to follow?”

Harsh? Maybe. But guess what? None of those grammar rules in the meme are too difficult. I have every confidence each can be mastered. If you find yourself making the mistakes listed above ”” or your favorite auntie clobbers you over the head with them ”” just learn them. That’s the beauty of the human mind. It can do mental gymnastics with very little effort. Let your brain cartwheel! Wheeee!

But let me add one more tiny rule …. “alot” ain’t a word. Quit using it. Quit, quit, quit!

Now go out there and make grammar your biyutch!

What’s your grammar pet peeve? And don’t say “people correcting my grammar.” First, we can’t help ourselves. It’s a sickness for which there is no cure. Second, we do it out of an abundance of love. It pains us to see you look stupid. Which maybe makes it not completely altruistic. Hmm. Self-awareness is strong in this one ….


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