How Prolific Are You?

I read the obituary of Janet Dailey, a best-selling romance writer. I didn’t know her or her work, but this line caught my eye:

“According to various estimates, she enforced a writing quota of 10 pages per day to produce novels at a rate of about one per month, with an occasional work knocked out in just over a week and others taking longer.”

My, my, my. I feel quite slug-like.

The article went on to say that in 1986 her books sold in 90 countries at a rate of about 43,000 per day.

Can you imagine? Hmm. I can. Unfortunately, it probably also takes actual prioritizing and work ethic.


4 thoughts on “How Prolific Are You?

  1. Christina

    If I wrote 10 pages per day my house would be a train wreck and my kids would take over the house “Lord of the Flies” style. I’m lucky if I get 10 words a day.

  2. Becky Post author

    Another suggestion is to use 64 pt type. You’d have those 10 pages done before your kids could smear themselves with war paint.


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