My Funny T-Shirt Store Launch

Today is the official launch day of my new Zazzle store, Lazy Squirrel Designs!

I put funny sayings, quips, bon mots, and my particular brand of snark on t-shirts, baby clothes, aprons, mugs, and all kinds of great products.

If you’ve never had the Zazzle shopping experience, it’s fun and a bit addictive because many of the products you find there can be customized. In fact, ALL of my designs can be customized so you get exactly what you want. It’s easy and I’ve explained it all here.

There’s a ton of colors, sizes and products, so I am confident you’ll find something you love. If not at Lazy Squirrel Designs, then from some other Zazzler.

Remember, funny is as funny wears. Go forth and make everyone jealous by your good taste, your impeccable sense of style, and your delightful sense of humor!

One thought on “My Funny T-Shirt Store Launch

  1. fpdorchak

    I’m NOT gonna say to put parts of your writing on these things, cause that’d be the obvious thing for a writer to say…but…if I WERE gonna say that…I’d then have to say, give your public a red pen with each shirt and have them edit your work (of course, while one is IN the shirt–let’s just be clear on that!). That could get kinda, Idunno…fun…kinky? :-]

    Hmmm…let’s rewrite this passage, shall we…?

    Congrats on the new line of biz, Becky!


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