Kirsten Vangness Gets Bamboozled

Wouldn’t you just die if Shemar Moore whispered, “Hey, Baby Girl” in your ear?

Because their characters on Criminal Minds have that flirty will they/won’t they vibe going, Kirsten Vangness gets that every week … and Moore! (See what I did there?)

But she still took time to give Banana Bamboozle a shout-out, which puts me over the moon. Practically as good as if Shemar Moore whispered in my ear.

She’s almost too adorable for the internet, but I’m going to post this anyway and hope nothing explodes.

Kirsten Vangness:Penelope Garcia

1 thought on “Kirsten Vangness Gets Bamboozled”

  1. Well la di da! Becky you are so awesome and cool and hip (not the slappin my hips type), and … no for real, this is a great idea! It will be fun. But does it rely on a big Twitter share or something to make this go big (did she share it and talk it up?) Kirsten, you should meet Becky (and take her out for a Champaign brunch). You love her!

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